ROW-Rowing Boats

All models updated for 2023!

In 2021, the hull was updated to a whitehall style and has a higher surface finish. This makes the boat not only more beautiful to look at, but also contributes to a better glide in the water. The new rail profile makes the hull even stiffer than before, while effectively preventing splashing during rowing. The profile also makes the boat easier to handle both on land and in the water.

Sport- & Exercise Rowing Boat
49.900 kr
In stock
This is your new gym!
"The Ultimate all-weather rowing machine."

ROW Scull coastal r...
Sports Rowing Boat - For Single/Double Rowing
42.900 kr
In stock
”Single / double rowing with space for passengers”

ROW eXplorer 4,6 is a simple and minim...
JS eXplorer double upgrade
Upgrade Kit For Double Rowing eXplorer 4,6
15.211 kr
In stock
JS eXplorer double upgrade
Drop in sliding seat ROWing unit
12.250 kr
Special Order Item
Coastal- & Expedition Rowing Boat
66.900 kr
In stock
"Rowing expeditions and other rowing adventures”

ROW VagaBond 4,7 Touring is equally well...